Yes my title, is a little circa Destiny's Child "Bills, Bills Bills" LOL!! However this happens to be one of my favorite makeup topics next to flawless skin.

I’m always getting the question about how I define my brows to achieve a beautiful finish. First and foremost I always tell clients/customers alike to always if possible GROOM your brows!! This can be done with threading or waxing, I prefer both to be quite honest.

All of the pencils, brow gel and concealer can’t cover a pair of unkempt brows. Depending on the fullness and length of your brows, you can decide what product will work best for you. For ladies with fuller brows, I typically recommend a simple brow pencil like MAC Brow Pencil ($17) or Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz ($22). If you have thinner brows and want a fuller look you can always try out a brow pomade. MAC and Anastasia both sell a similar product.

Another rule of thumb when it comes to defining brows is to follow what your bone structure gives you, never draw what’s not there. Even ladies that have little to no brow hair, I still follow the natural structure of their brow bone for the most natural look possible. Be sure to use a brow brush or a mascara spoolie to get the product evenly through your brows for an even color and distribution.

After filling in your brows to your desired liking, you can use a concealer (optional) to clean up your brows for a clean flawless finish. With this step be sure to BLEND BLEND and BLEND to avoid having a halo or harsh lines.

I hope you all enjoyed these tips, feel free to leave a comment of any additional questions or suggestions! Follow me on IG: carachanel_